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40th anniversary of Hiroshima

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Leader of the Opposition fflfeS$rK«¥??iW V: · . · > - -.v. r> .'^ ' /40t h ANNIVERSARY OF HIROSHIMAThe Leader of the Opposition, Mr Andrew Peacock, said today *1^ that the tragic memories of Hiroshima should be a catalyst for renewed progress on nuclear disarmament. '"On the 40th anniversary of Hiroshima, we must demonstrate to the survivors of that city that what happened on that day in 1945 will never be forgotten," he said."We must use the memories of Hiroshima to increase our determination to produce positive policies and international agreements which will lessen world tensions, and lead to significant, balanced and verifiable reductions in nuclear and conventional armaments,"While recalling the full horror of an atom bomb used against human beings, we should also pay tribute to the contribution of governments, diplomats and members of international disarmament conferences and atomic energy agencies whose work over the past 40 years has prevented a recurrence of nuclear war."We should also acknowledge the role of the international deterrent. Continuing deterrence is as vital as disarmament - in protecting the world from nuclear war. The only current alternative to deterrence involves the notion of trying to win a nuclear war. The memory of Hiroshima makes that a possibility too horrible to contemplate."There is a major opportunity to strengthen nuclear non-proliferation around the world, when the Third Review Conference on the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons meets in Geneva later this month. The Treaty is the most successful international agreement yet devised on nuclear armaments'. Every effort needs to be made at the Conference to make meaningful progress in negotiating nuclear arms reductions."Australia must join together with other peace-loving nations to press for these negotiations to be pursued in good faith towards effective measures relating to cessation of the nuclear arms race at an early date and to nuclear disarmament."The Government must also take active steps to repair and invigorate Australia's alliance with the United States. Any failure to do so will run the risk of importing international tensions and super power rivalry to our region of the world." .6 August 1985 *****i______ - - Λ/Λ ΤΛ/ΛΛ i