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Dr Harry Jenkins - Scullin by-election

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LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION News Release by John Howard, MP


Dr Harry Jenkins has been a distinguished Parliamentarian.

He has won considerable respect for the dignified manner in which he has discharged his duties as Speaker. He is a man well liked on both sides of the House.

The Opposition wishes him and his wife a long and happy retirement.

The seat of Scullin vacated by Dr Jenkins is of course one of the safest Labor seats in Australia with a margin of about 27 per cent.

Nevertheless, the Liberal Party will fight a strong campaign for the by-election to be held on 8 February.

That by-election will provide the people of Scullin with an opportunity of protesting against the many economic policies which are affecting Australian families.

All Australian families l>ave been hurt by the interest rate and tax policies of the ifpwke Government. 1985 has seen interest rates climb to Record levels despite Mr Hawke's 1984 promise that interest rates would fall.

CANBERRA 20 December 1985