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Economic sanctions will hurt black South Africans

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Deputy Leader o f the Opposition

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Australia's expressed support for economic sanctions against South Africa is both mistaken and short-sighted. The Opposition condemns the Hawke Government's action in the United Nations Security Council today.

Such sanctions will hurt poor blacks in South Africa more than any other section of the South African population.

The Opposition fully shares the worldwide concern at the increased suppression involved in the declaration of a state of emergency in wide areas of South Africa, However, the answer to this sad and tortured situation is not the

imposition of economic sanctions which will primarily harm the most vulnerable sections of South African society.

Those zealots who believe economic sanctions to be the answer should heed the words of Alan Paton, one of the most distinguished South African liberals of our time,,

when he said recently:

"I have a word to say to those Americans who think they can hasten the 'day.of liberation' by damaging the South African economy, as for example, by disinvestment.

I do not think that damaging our economy will help us to do better. It will do material harm to many black people. Americans ought to be told that they are going to bring hunger and

suffering to many black people".

It is imperative that the already tense and difficult situation in South Africa not be made worse than it is already. The Hawke Government's call for economic

sanctions, if implemented, would do just this.

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Canberra 26 July 1985