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Views on CHEP

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19th July,1985

Senator Austin Lewis,Shadow Minister for Territories said today

"that he was deeply concerned at the revelations about the Community

Housing Expansion Programme (CHEP),which indicated that whether or

not any irregularity had occurred,the guidelines were so loose that

those who knew the ropes could benefit at the expense of the

genuinely needy." .

"It was also clear that the programme did not provide the most

efficient means of providing accomodation for the homeless or those

on low incomes",he said.

Senator Lewis said that any investigation by the former Solicitor-

General Mr Brian Donovan should not be used as a device to preclude

close scrutiny by both the Auditor-General and Parliament.

"This Government 'is far to ready to circumvent proper Parliamentary

process and that must not be allowed to happen with the Community

Housing Expansion Programme and the Wyuna Association in particular,

he said.

It should be noted that the current Minister brought this matter

to the attention of the Prime Minister before the grant to WYUNA was

made,so that the Prime Minister must be held to be fully responsible

for this affair."