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Mr Hodgman remarks on Neil Batt

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"Neil Batt should not inflict himself again on the State'Parliament -

he has been there and done that! If he really wants to try to get back

into Politics - why doesn't he have a crack at me for the seat of Denison

at the next Federal Election," the Federal Member for Denison Mr. Michael

dgman Q.C., M.H.R. said today. . .

With these words Mr. Hodgman effectively challenged Mr. Batt to

contest the Federal seat of Denison for the A.L.P. at the next House of '

Representatives Election. . ■ ' -

"I am not at all scared of Mr. Batt - so the .question must be -

'Is he scared of Michael Hodgman?'. If Mr. Batt is so certain that he is

really wanted back in Tasmanian Politics, why won't he have a go at

Denison in the House of Representatives?" Mr. Hodgman asked. -

Mr. Hodgman pointed out that Mr. Batt's first choice for politics .

was the House of Representatives.

"He stood against Adrian Gibson (Lib.) for Denison - and was beaten.

~ would like to know if Neil has the guts to stand against me in 1987.

It would make Denison the glamour seat for the whole Federal Election.

I am willing to have it out with him - is he willing to take me on?"

Mr. Hodgman said.

Mr. Hodgman said that if Mr. Batt 'chickenedrout' of a fight for

Denison in the House of Representatives, it would indicate that Mr. Batt's

welcome back to Tasmanian politics was 'not as warm as he would have us



15 March 1985

Hobart . .