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Opposition oppose Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation Bill 1985

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LIBERAL News Release

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The Opposition will oppose the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation Bill 1985 - and upon the return of a Liberal/National Party Government, the Corporation will be transferred to the Private Enterprise Sector. -

Announcing the decision in Canberra today, the Shadow Minister for Housing and Construction Mr Michael Hodgman QC, stressed that the Opposition believed that the Corporation 'should be given . to the people of Australia - to become a vital and dynamic part-of:

the Free Enterprise System1.

"The Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation will be transferred to Private Enterprise - it will - not be a burden on the taxpayers of Australia, nor will it compete unfairly against Private Enterprise Professional Engineers. We will give current employees of the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation preferential treatment to invest in it and to become financial partners in its enterprises. Other Australians will also be given the chance to

invest," Mr Hodgman said.

Mr Hodgman said that the continued existence of the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation - and its expanded activities as envisaged by the Bill—were inconsistent with tne philosophy and fundamental principles of Liberalism,and support for the Private Enterprise system.

Mr Hodgman stressed that the Corporation - either in whole or in part - might well continue to exist, as part of the Private Enterprise Sector.

"Australians have every reason to feel justifiably proud of the achievements of the old Authority, and in recent years the Corporation. It has done its job - and done it well. Its functions, expertise and prestige - both domestically and' overseas - can be properly transferred to Private Enterprise. Both financially and philosophically we believe we have made the right decision. The Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation has fulfilled its original Charter with great distinction - Private Enterprise will lead Australian Engineering into the 1990s," Mr Hodgman said.

ENDS Canberra, 16 April, 1985