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First home owners

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"Whilst accepting the need for overall Budgetary cuts in Government spending - the plain fact is that this deceitful Hawke Socialist Government has cut the throat of its own First Home Owners Scheme," Opposition Frontbencher, Mr Michael Hodgman said in the House of Representatives today.

Mr Hodgman, the Shadow Minister for Housing and Construction, said that you cannot 1 switch on and off Housing Industry schemes - , like a tap1.

"Above all the Housing Industry needs consistency and dependability in Government policy - otherwise we will see a tragic return to the 'boom or bust days'. That is precisely what happened during the Whitlam era," Mr Hodgman said.

Mr Hodgman said that last year in his Policy Speech the Prime Minister had 1 lavished praise' on the First Home Owners Scheme - and added 'And we are going to keep it that way'.

"The Prime Minister gave a solemn assurance that beyond 1985 the Hawke Socialist Government would at least maintain the level of 145,000 new houses. This promise cannot now possibly be honoured. The Prime Minister's solemn Election Pledge has now been torn up into

shreds," Mr Hodgman said.

’ Mr Hodgman said that, the deceitful Hawke 'Socialist Government had used the Election Promise to con the votes of . thousands'and thousands of prospective young Australian home-buyers.

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"The Election Pledge lasted just sixteen weeks - it is the first Pledge deliberately dishonoured by this shameful Government. It is the first National scandal of the Second Hawke Socialist Government. It will cost them dearly at the

next Federal Election," Mr Hodgman said.

Mr Hodgman said that the former Minister for Housing and Construction (Mr Hurford) could not escape unscathed.

He was the Minister who boasted 'we introduced the First Home Owners Scheme, and brought Home Ownership within the reach of thousands of young Australian families of limited means' .

"Well,now Home Ownership has been put out of the- reach of thousands of young Australian families - thanks to Hawke and West. To make it even worse, the heaviest cuts will fall on the poorest and most needy members of the

community. Those with the most limited means will feel the most severe cuts - and their dreams of owning their own home will evaporate," Mr Hodgman said.

CANBERRA 23 April 1985