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"When you savage one State - you savage the Federation

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LIBERAL News Release

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"When you savage one State - you savage the Federation." Opposition Frontbencher, Mr Michael Hodgman QC, said in Canberra today.

Commenting on the Conciliation and Arbitration (Electricity Industry) Bill, Mr Hodgman said that the Greatest Lie in the History of Australian Politics was 'Bob Hawke - Bringing Australia Together'.

"First, this divisive would-be President of an Australian Republic savaged Tasmania, the smallest State in the Commonwealth. Now he attempts to savage Queensland - and to victimise Queenslanders. This is his second act of Constitutional

bastardry in just two years," Mr Hodgman said. . .

“Hawke is determined to tear up the Australian Constitution; Hawke is determined to destroy the States; Hawke will use the Big Stick of Canberra Centralism to crush those who dare to oppose him - and in fact beat him," Mr Hodgman said.

Mr Hodgman said that, in his opinion, the Conciliation and Arbitration (Electricity Industry) Bill was unconstitutional.

"It seeks to extend Section 51 (xxxv.) of the Constitution to unprecedented lengths and it is based on the completely false pretence and deception that the Queensland situation is 1 a genuine Inter-State Dispute1," Mr Hodgman said.

"I am satisfied - beyond reasonable doubt - that this Bill is a fraud and will be held to be unconstitutional," Mr Hodgman said.

Mr Hodgman said that it would be a National Scandal if Hawke 1 gets away with these bully-boy tactics'.

"Unequivocally, I support the Premier of Queensland, the Government of Queensland and the people of the Sovereign State of Queensland. The Slogan 1 Bob Hawke - Bringing.Australia Together 1 should be redrafted to 'Bob Hawke - Tearing Australia Apart'," Mr Hodgman said. ■

CANBERRA, 23 MAY, 1985