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Opposition calls for review of bird export policy

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David Connolly, Shadow Minister for Arts, Heritage and Environment



Opposition Environment spokesperson David Connolly said today

that the Liberal Party was reviewing its environment policy,

which would include the consideration of live bird exports.

He said that he was looking at whether it was practical to

encourage aviaries to breed rare birds to add to the, stocks in

the wild. .

"The problem of making the export legal was that a market could

also mean a larger illegal market."

"There is a case for permitting the controlled export of bird

species which are not under threat and are a pest to the farming

community, such as sulphur crested cockatoos."

There is a chronic shortage of funds for research into Australia's

endangered species. The revenue obtained form the controlled

export of birds could be used for research and protection of

endangered species. . 1

"Present policy permits the killing of cockatoos and other varieties

which are a pest to farmers. The alternatives must at least be

considered by Government."

"Mr Cohen's refusal to review the present policy while at the same

time being unable to finance the preservation of endangered species

clearly shows double standards".