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International sugar agreement

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RELEASE 2 July, 1984

"News of the breakdown in talks towards a new International Sugar Agreement is of

major concern, particularly as the Federal Government does not intend to provide an

Development Ray Braithwaite said today.

"The increase in the heme consumption price of sugar announced last week, and the

retention of. the embargo does represent good news but heme consumption accounts for

only 25 per cent of Australia's production.

"The other 75 per cent is marketed overseas, on currently limited markets and at low

world prices, and it was in recognition of this that underwriting had been premised. "

Mr Braithwaite said that the distressing part of the refusal to implement underwriting

was that many of the producers' increases in costs such as fuel had been caused by

increases in direct and indirect taxation by the Ccmrnonwealth Government itself.

"I am "one who believes that no I.S.A. is better than a bad I.S.A. which would favour

the EEC and Cuba, but disadvantage Australia.

"However, while Australia waits for these weaker producing and exporting nationals to

fail, many of our own Australian farmers and workers will also go to the wall.

"In the absence of an underwriting scheme, I have strongly recommended to Mr Kerin

that what is needed is an effective rural adjustment scheme, more adequately financed,

to help in the rationalisation which must now take place.

"It should also assist those farmers, now in short term financial difficulties, but who

have long term viability to keep on their feet and to maintain production."

underwriting scheme to help farmers maintain viability," Shadow Minister for Northern

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