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New commonwealth centre for Adelaide

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Further details of the proposed new $35 m illio n Commonwealth Centre to be constructed in Adelaide were announced today by the Minister fo r Admin­ is t r a tiv e Services Mr. John Brown, and the Minister fo r Housing and Construction Mr. Chris Hurford.

The jo in t announcement follows the successful sale at auction in Adelaide yesterday of one of three parcels of Commonwealth-owned land formerly des­ ignated fo r the Centre. The block at 63 P irie Street was sold fo r $1,565 m illio n . Negotiations are continuing with interested parties in respect

of blocks 37/47 P irie Street and 26 Flinders S tre e t.

The Centre w ill now be b u ilt on a more suitable s ite at the corner of

Currie and Topham Streets. Purchase of the new s ite from the Adelaide City Council for $2.43 m illion is expected to be completed la t e r th is month. '

Mr. Brown said the proposed development accorded with the Government's commmitment to increased ownership of Commonwealth o ffic e accommodation. At current rates the expected saving in the rent b i l l by locating

departments to the new Centre would be about $3.5 m illion per annum.

Adelaide was the only State Capital that did not have a recognised

Commonwealth Centre. The new o ffic e of approximately 30,000 square metres would accommodate up to 20 Commonwealth departments. Delivery of Com­ monwealth services to the public would also be greatly enhanced with the more centralised location of departments and offices of Federal

Senators and Members, he said.

Mr. Hurford said the new building would provide a welcome stimulus to the building industry in South Australia and also a strong stimulus for professional consultancies, as the design would be carried out largely by private sector architects, engineers and quantity surveyors.

He said the principal consultant would be the Adelaide based firm of Neighbour and Lapsys. Other professional services would be provided to the architect by Fargher and Maunsel1 Pty. l t d . , Grant Spence and Assoc­ iates and W.T. Partnership.

Mr. Hurford indicated that the project would be reviewed by the Parliamen­ tary Standing Committee on Public Works in the middle of th is year. Subject to that Committee's report and Parliamentary approval, he was hopeful construction would begin in mid-1985.

Canberra 9 March, 1984

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