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Letter to Barry Cohen from Timothy Pascoe

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Hon. Barry Cohen, M.P;p-/ ;^ZlTCTSjd ister for Home Affairs...' " "':· ·".· _ and Environment η - · . . __

Parliament House ■ ' " -

^rx>//c^r i \ '■ '·


I have just been reminded by the Department of Home Affairs and

Environment that under new provisions which came into effect last year, all bodies which do not have a specific period within which to furnish a periodic report to the Minister are required to furnish such a report within six months of the close of the reporting period. Where the report

cannot be furnished to the Minister within the required time, a written explanation to the Minister seeking an extension of time is required.

As advised to you earlier, preparation of the Annual Report was delayed last year by the industrial action which placed work bans on specific functions during the period 20 September to 22 November. The Annual Report was one of the functions under ban. Since the lifting of the bans, work has proceeded on the report and it should be available to you within three weeks.

On 18 October, I wrote to you advising you that the Annual Report was subject to bans and would not be available until 1984, (copy attached). I regret that, at that time, I was not aware that I should formally seek an extension of time for furnishing the report.

I would be grateful if you would grant this extension.

Both I and the Director of the Secretariat view this delay with concern, particularly as we had established an excellent precedent in the previous year of furnishing the report to the Minister in time for it to be tabled in Parliament before the summer recess. It is certainly the practice we intend to pursue in future years. Our planning was based on

this premise for 1982-83, but unfortunately events overtook us.

Yours sincerely

Timothy Pascoe Chairperson