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If you are bitten by a dog, a monkey or other animal in Bali you should, after initial treatment on the spot,

seek post-exposure treatment for rabies when you get back to


This advice was given by the National Health, and Medical Research Council at its 97th Session today in Sydney.

The Council was advised by its Communicable Diseases Committee that there was a possibility that rabies could Be

re-introduced into Bali .

There was, the Committee said, frequent travel

between Bali and nearby islands on which rabies was known to


Council members recognised that a large number of Australians visited Bali each year and agreed it would

be prudent for anyone bitten by any animal in Bali to be

given post-exposure treatment for rabies on return to


The NH & MRC today also discussed a report from

a working party set up to revise the official Plan for the

Eradication of Rabies.

The revised Plan has been approved by the Communicable

Diseases Committee and referred to the Animal Health Committee

of the Australian Agricultural Council.

S y d n e y , Ju n e 7 , 1984