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Father Brian Gore

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The M in is te r fo r Foreign A f f a ir s / Mr B i l l Hayden/ M.P.z

said today th a t the A u stralian Government was most concerned to

learn th at a f te r an already lengthy d e la y / the b a il hearing in

the case of Father Brian Gore and his eight other co-defendants

faces the prospect of a f u r t h e r / unacceptable/ hold up. The

presiding judge has u n fo rtu n ately had to take sick leave fo r at

least t h i r t y days from 5 January/ bringing the leg al process to

a s t a n d s t i ll . Mr Hayden said th is development is causing

j u s t i f i a b l e anxiety to Father Gore and his co-defendants.

. The A u stralian Ambassador in the P h ilip p in e s has been

instru cted to make the A u stralian Government's concern known as

soon as possible at the highest levels of the P h ilip p in e s

Government/ with the in te n tio n of helping to ensure the e a rly

appointment of a replacement judge to review the evidence already

taken and to take a decision.