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Food aid to refugees

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M29 16 February· 1984

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The Minister for Foreign Affairsz Mr B ill Haydenz M.R.z

announced in Canberra today that the Australian Government w ill

be providing food aid worth $10z013z700 for use in refugee assistance

programs operated by the United Nations High Commissioner for


The High Commissioner for Refugeesz Mr Foul Hartlingz is

in Canberra for discussions with Mr Haydenz and to thank the people

of Australia for their efforts to provide re lie f and to find

durable solutions for refugees. UNHCR estimate that there are 10

million refugeesz mostly in the world's poorer countries.

The Australian food aid w ill go to refugees in Thailand

and to returnees in Cambodiaz as well as to Afghan refugees in

Pakistanz and refugees in Somalia.

I t w ill take the form of grain (ricez wheat and flour)z

whole milk powder and high protein biscuits. The g ifts form part

of the Food Aid Program run by the Australian Development Assistance

Bureau (ADAB).

1. Pakistan

The 2.7 m illion Afghan refugees in Pakistan comprise the

world's largest single refugee population. Australia w ill provide

25x000 metric tonnes of wheat (worth $5/750x000) to the World Food

Program (WFP) which has an agreement with UNHCR to monitor and

coordinate assistance programs for refugees in Pakistan.

2. Thailand

59 metric tonnes of high protein biscuits (worth $184x300)

and 50 metric tonnes of whole milk powder (worth $105x000) w ill be

provided to benefit the 67x900 Cambodian refugees in Thailand.

3. Cambodia

2x000 metric tonnes of rice (worth $1x052x000) w ill be

provided for use in the UNHCR Cambodian Returnees program.

* i ■ '

4 . Somalia

There are c u r r e n t l y 700x000 refugees in Somalia. A u s t r a l i a

i s p r ov i di n g 100 met r i c tonnes of high p r o t e i n b i s c u i t s (valued at

$312x400) t o UNHCRx as w e l l as 3x000 m e t r ic tonnes of r i c e (worth

$1x455x000) and 3x000 m e t r i c tonnes of f l o u r (worth $1x155x000).

The r i c e and f l o u r w i l l be provided t o WFP f o r use i n UNHCR programs.