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Visit by Idea Director-General

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23 March 1984


The M inister for Foreign A ffa irs / Mr B i l l Hayden/ M .P./ today announced that the Director-General of the Intern ational Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)/ Dr Hans B lix / w ill v i s i t Australia from 27 March to 4 A p ril.

Mr Hayden issued the in v ita tio n to Dr B lix during his v i s i t .

to Vienna in May 1983.

Mr Hayden said that Australia has substantial interests in the IAEA which derives from the Agency's unique role in upholding the international non-proliferation regime - based on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty CNPT). Agency safeguards and the NPT are two of the central elements of A u stralia's existing nuclear safeguards arrangements.

Australia also contributes fin a n c ia lly to the a c t iv it ie s of the

IAEA designed to assist developing countries to benefit from the peaceful applications of nuclear energy through the IAEA Technical Assistance and Cooperation Fund as well as/ in our own region/ through the IAEA Regional Cooperative Agreement.

Dr Blix has had a long involvement in the intern ational consideration of disarmament and international humanitarian law and is strongly committed to non-proliferation and an e ffe c tiv e IAEA safeguards system.

Mr Hayden said that Dr B l i x ' s v i s i t w i l l provide A u s tra lia with

the opportunity to discuss/ among other thin gs/ the role of in te rn a tio n a l safeguards in nuclear n o n -p ro life ra tio n / the strength of the in te rn a tio n a l n o n -p ro life ra tio n regime/ disarmament and the role A u stralia can play in contributing to these areas of in te rn a tio n a l concern. -