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Mr Howard's record on youth unemployment

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The Hon J S Dawkins revealed that Mr Howard's own record on employment of youth in the Australian Public Service effectively rebuts his claimed concern for youth unemployment.

Mr Dawkins said that: "In the years when Mr Howard and the former Government could have made a direct and positive contribution to reducing unemployment among youth by taking a greater proportion of people under 21 among

recruits to the Public Service, they did the exact reverse.

"Figures I released in "More Facts on the Years of Failure", a comparison of staff growth in the Public Service under the Fraser and Hawke Governments, show that under Fraser/Howard staffing policies the number of young people employed plummetted from 7,149 in 1975 to an

average of 4,670 during the Liberal years. Such figures make a mockery of the new found and synthetic concern for youth employment now being shown by the Opposition in the current election campaign.

"In the same period the per capita costs of the Public Service jumped by 5.4% after adjusting for inflation under the Liberals, as staff in the Second Division increased by 7% and those at the highest level(salaries between $56,840 and $65,417 p. a .) leapt by an amazing 55%."

"The Hawke Government has dramatically turned this situation around and since 1982 there has been an increase of 8% in the number of young persons in the public service - the first such increase since 1966. As well, in 1983/84

the average cost per staff member, after adjusting for inflation fell by 1.7%."

Attached is an extract from Mr Dawkins' paper "More Facts on the Years of Failure", which gives greater detail on the Fraser and Hawke Government's comparative performance in youth employment in the Public Service.

Canberra 21 November 1984

Extract from Page 4 "More Facts on the Years of Failure"


22 Another Bore insidious nethod of cosmetic control was reduction in intakes of young people in the public service - despite the rapid growth in youth unemployment over the failed years. Between December 19 78 and December 1982 the number of people under 21 in the APS fell by 36%, and from 11.3% as a proportion of the total in

December 1975 to a record low level of 6.6% in December 1982. The Hawke Government reversed the trend - bringing about the first increase in representation of young people in public service jobs since 1966. The following table shows the dramatic decline in the

proportion of youth in the public service in the failed years.

APS Permanent Staff; Representation of People Under 21

1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983

% Calendar year basis 11.3 8.5 8.4 7.8 7.6 7.3 6.8 6 .6 6.7

Source: Attachment 4 Note: For 1983 and first 6 months of 19 84, 30% of all appointment a been under 21.