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National party policy speech

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Mr Sinclair's policy speech shows just how blind the · National Part^ is to the effects of the co-alltion policies which they are trying to sell.

Mr Sinclair says that the co-alition's tax and wage policies will help manufacturing industry to be competitive.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality the coalition's policies in these areas will do nothing but lead to higher inflation, an inevitable wages explosion and industrial chaos.

Such developments would have disastrous consequences for manufacturing industry and our international competitiveness in the same way as the policies of the Fraser Government.

The Opposition's industrial relations policy would effectively destroy the Conciliation and Arbitration Commission without offering anything practical in its place.

Opposition spokesman have actually admitted the likelihood of increased industrial disputation and higher over-award payments if their policy was ever implemented.

By allowing strong unions to bargain freely for over-award payments, the policy is opening the way for big wage increases in bouyant sectors of the economy.

Such wage increases would inevitably flow on through other areas of the economy hitting hardest at Industry and small business.

By severely limiting the role of their new industrial tribunal, the Opposition's policies would provide no mechanism for settling the industrial disputes which will inevitably increase under these proposals.

In addition, any attempt to increase indirect taxes without agreement to offset the effect against wage increases would lead to further wage increases.

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In short, the policies being pushed by the National Party and the Liberals would be disastrous for manufacturing industry.

Mr Sinclair should come clean and admit what his policies would achieve - industrial chaos, a wages explosion, higher Inflation and economic collapse.