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Landmark decision for Australian workers

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Federal Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations

Ralph Willis MR


The Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations Mr Ralph Willis, said today the judgment in the Termination, Change and Redundancy Case was a landmark decision for ยท Australian workers.

"This decision ensures that all employees under Commonwealth awards now have a significant measure of job security", he said.

Mr Willis said that the Federal Government intervened in the case to give in-principle support to the ACTU position.

"The decision has given effect to another element of the Accord.

"The government undertook in the Accord to support the establishment of rights for employees to be notified about technological change, and to support the establishment of fair redundancy protection for workers.

"This decision gives effect to those commitments.

"It is also in line with the National Economic Summit communique which called for consultations between employers and unions to avoid or minimise terminations of employment due to redundancy."

Mr Willis said the cost implications of the decision were likely to be minimal.

"The Commission has said that it acted with restraint having regard to the current economic circumstances and the terms of the National Wage Case principles," he said.

"It is desirable now that all employees should have a comparable standard of job security".

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