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Greater workplace influence for employees

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Federal Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations

Ralph Willis MR

The Australian Government's commitment to encouraging greater employee participation in management of enterprises will be emphasised at a Melbourne seminar on Friday, 1 7 August.

The seminar - on industrial democracy and employee participation - will be held at the Hilton International Hotel.

The Prime Minister Mr Hawke will speak on industrial democracy within the context of national economic and social planning.

The Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, Mr Ralph Willis, said today that about 600 people had been registered for the conference and the applications of several hundred others could not be accepted because of

space limitations.

"This high level of response reflects the Federal Government's view that industrial democracy can make an important contribution to the achievement of Australia's

social, industrial and economic goals," Mr Willis said.

"The Labor Government has brought a dramatic change to the way in which policies are developed and applied.

"Previously conflict and disunity were preventing the country from achieving its full potential.

"Largely as a consequence of this Government's policy of consensus and co-operation there has been a spectacular reversal in Australia's economic fortunes.

"Now Australians sense a new purpose and optimism for the future.

"It is important that the consensus and co-operation being developed at the national level be given practical expression at the workplace if we are to harness the creative potential of our workforce, avoid the senseless

conflict of the past, and provide a high quality of work life for the individual employee."

Mr Willis said the seminar was one of a number of ways in which the Federal Government would spread information, knowledge and experience of work democratlsatlon, and

generate a new sense of direction among key decision-makers and practitioners in the industrial community.

"This seminar is a significant step in the development of a new and important era for employee and community relations in this country," he said.

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Keynote speakers will include:

. Dr Thoralf Qvale, Director of Norway's Work Research Institute and one of Europe's foremost authorities on industrial democracy;

. Mr Bryan Noakes, Director General of the Confederation of Australian Industry;

. Mr Bill Kelty, Secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions; and

. Dr Alastair Crombie, of the Australian National University's Centre for Continuing Education.

Sir John Moore, President of the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission, will be the seminar's dinner speaker.

Mr Willis said that the National Labour Consultative Council's information sharing guidelines would be launched at the seminar.

12 August 1984