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September labour force statistics

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11 October 1984

The Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, Mr Ralph Willis, said the September labour figures confirmed the strong recovery in the Australian labour market.

"During September employment rose by 27,000 and unemployment fell by 6,200 on a seasonally adjusted basis", Mr Willis said.

"I am particularly encouraged by the maintenance of a strong annual growth rate of jobs of around 3·5 per cent over the past five months.

"This result means that 264,100 new jobs have been added to Australia’s workforce since April last year.

"We are well on-track to our 1983 election promise of 500,000 new jobs in our first three years of office."

The September quarter had seen Australia’s unemployment rate under 9 per cent for the third consecutive month, and at its lowest point since November 1982.

"Unemployment has dropped by 83,600 since April 1983"

Mr Willis drew particular attention to the improved position of teenagers in the labour market.

"Unemployment amongst 15 to 19 year olds looking for their first fulltime job dropped by 8,300 or 11 per cent on a seasonally adjusted basis during September," he said.

"Although the labour force survey figures always show some unpredictable fluctuation this month’s figures are a further re-assurance that the Government's economic and employment policies are working to sustain a strong improvement in the

labour market."

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