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Minister outlines objectives for youth in 1985

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Education & Youth Affairs


"Options outlined in the paper Income Support for Young People, the report of the OECD team and the report of the Kirby Inquiry into labour market programs will together form the basis on which the Government will restructure education, training and

labour-market opportunities for young people," the Minister for Education and Youth Affairs, Senator Susan Ryan said today.

"This restructuring will be supported by more rational income support opportunities for young people," the Minister said.

Senator Ryan was speaking at a luncheon of educators and youth workers at Cairns TAPE College.

"Next year, International Youth Year, will be a vital year for youth policy. A very early task of the next Labor Government will be to consider the range of reports available to it."

"International Youth Year is a time for Governments, non - government organisations and the community to focus on the needs of young people and how to meet them. That is what our Government is doing."

"The Hawke Government has set specific goals in Youth Affairs. They are:

. The progressive improvement of education and training opportunities for young people to the point where every young person has the opportunity to complete secondary education or an equivalent by the end of the decade.

. To revise income support arrangements by January 1986.

. Greater co-ordination between education, training and the labour market.

. A co-ordinated approach to the delivery of youth services."

The Minister outlined action in all of these areas, including


* Introduction of the Participation and Equity Program to encourage all young Australians to complete the equivalent of a full secondary education, either in school or in a TAPE college or in some combination of work and education. In two Budgets

the Government has committed over $145 million to this program.

* In addition to an extra 3,000 places in higher education provided this year the Government is committed over the next triennium to providing another 15,000 places at universities and CAEs and with the co-operation of state governments, an extra 15,000 places in TAPE.

* The Office of Youth Affairs and the Social Welfare Policy Secretariat from the Department of Social Security jointly reviewed the area of Income Support and published in January 1984 Income Support for Young People. In the 1984 Budget the Government made a commitment to a fundamental review of the various forms of assistance to young people to be completed in

time for the 1985 Budget.

* Another important review dealing largely with issues of concern to youth is the Kirby Inquiry into Labour Market Programs. This review is seeking strategies which will ensure a greater co-ordination between education, training and labour market programs.

* In 1983 the Government invited a team of OECD experts to come to Australia and review Australian policies and programs affecting youth. It wanted to draw on overseas experience of providing for young people's needs, and the problems and solutions encountered. The report of the OECD team has recently been submitted to the Government.

* The Government has not neglected the views of young people themselves. Last month the Minister for Education and Youth Affairs, Senator Susan Ryan, released the results of a survey on the attitudes of young Australians which was carried out for

the Government by ANOP.

* To achieve greater co-ordination and effictiveness the Office of Youth Affairs has been given responsibility for co-ordinating all Commonwealth activities for youth.

* To achieve a co-ordinated approach by State and Federal Governments regular meetings of State and Federal Youth Ministers have been initiated.

21 November 1984

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