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Senator Ryan announces arts education projects with national impact

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75 Minister fo r

Education & Youth Affairs

M 152/84

EMBARGO: NOON 29/11/84


The federal Minister for Education and Youth Affairs, Senator Susan Ryan, today announced a number of projects of national significance in the field of arts education.

The grants, totalling $165,000, will be made through the Commonwealth Schools Commission.

One project of particular interest is a grant of $19,500 to the Australan National Gallery and the ACT Schools Authority to develop a course for senior secondary students based on the National Collection of Art.

The course will be designed around the National Art Collection. A package of slides and notes will make it possible for teachers interstate to teach the course.

Senator Ryan noted. 1 there are large numbers of interstate students visiting the Gallery, and this material will allow students from all over Australia to have a richer experience of this important national asset.'

The course is conceived of as a self-contained unit--a humanities subject based on real works of art— and not as an extension of a practical art course. 1 This approach,1 Senator Ryan said, 'will mean that students from all backgrounds and

disciplines, can have access to knowledge about the context of the great art in the National Gallery.'

The initiatives announced today, include preliminary work on two new special purpose schools.

The Murray River Performing Group in Albury-Wodonga will receive a grant of $10,000. This grant will support a feasibility study into establishing a National School for Acrobatic Arts S , Performance Skills. The grantee body is well-known for its work with the Flying Fruit Fly Circus and

the Nanjing Acrobatic Project.

2 /

A grant of $32,000 is being paid to the NSW Department of Education to employ a curriculum consultant for the new Newtown School for Performing Arts. This co-educational high school will be housed in the buildings of the old Newtown Boys' High


The NSW Government is funding the conversion of the old high school and St George's Hall as part of its Bicentennial celebration.

1 These and other projects of national significance in arts education will help to.improve the services that Australian schools are offering to their students,' Senator Ryan. 'Arts education can and should be as rigorous as computer education or sports programs. It should offer students the opportunity

to develop real skills.

1 The report of the Task Force on Education and the Arts, which I released last week, has set out directions for action,' Senator Ryan pointed out.

1 One of the basic needs, of course, is to bring more people to the realisation that the arts a.r e not a frill, but an essential part of a good education. Through the arts, students can acquire a depth of understanding about the world and themselves which makes them more capable in many ways. And Australia, a

nation which is building itself, can't afford to stifle new artistic talent. Through artistic work, we find out who we are and what we can be.’

For further information ring Libby Smith on (062) 86 6095

.Projects of National Significance: EDUCATION AND THE ARTS

Grantee Project

Dr Warren Lett Project DISC : Dance in the School of School Curriculum Education Latrobe Univ­ ersity Vic.

Mr D Swan Newtown School for Performing Director- Arts

General NSW Department of Education

Australian National Gallery/ACT Schools


Fr T Doyle Catholic • Education Office Vic.

Ms K Shiels Director Fremantle Education

Centre WA

Australian National Gallery Art Course

Design Education Support Scheme

Training and Resources for Performing Arts Production

Mr K L C . · Writer-in-Community Garling .

Town Clerk Campbelltown City Council Campbelltown


Murray River National School of Acrobatics and Performing Physical Skills Group Ltd Albury NSW

Mr B Bower Range of Artistic Experience Principal Christ the King College

Braybrook Vic (on behalf of three schools)

Amount $










' Projects of National Significance: v EDUCATION AND THE ARTS

Grantee Project

Ms Pauline Movement - Drama Consultant Park District Art Adviser Wangaratta Vic (on behalf of three


Ms J Radbourne A National Conference : Youth Australian and the Arts Society for Education * .

Through the Arts Brisbane Qld

Director- Students Access Gallery - Pilot General Project

Qld. Education Department

Total granted November 1984






The Projects of National Significance Program is administered through the Office of the Commonwealth Schools Commission.

Education and the Arts is one of the Commonwealth priority areas which have a funding element included in this program.