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Minister responds to report on job opportunities for PhD graduates

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The Minister for Education and Youth Affairs, Senator Ryan, today responded to press reports that almost 30 percent of Australia's PhD graduates had to go overseas because there were no jobs in Australia.

Senator Ryan said that a limited precentage of Australian PhD graduates going overseas was to be expected and was not necessarily a bad thing. 1 There is a good deal of reciprocity in this process,1 Senator Ryan said, 1 since numbers of overseas PhD graduates also came to work or gain experience in Australia. This has always been the case and is usually welcomed by Australian institutions as a means of maintaining

links with academics in other countries'.

The Government recognised, however, the importance of containing any exodus of qualified Australians. Senator Ryan said that the recently issued funding Guidelines to the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission for the 1985-87 Triennium would do much to improve the job outlook for PhD


The increased funding for higher education for the next three years was expected to create at least 1.600 new academic jobs in Australia. In addition, the Government's continuing commitment to Special Research Centres and the allocation of an

additional $1 million to extablish Key Centres of Teaching and Research would provide expanded research opportunities for PhD graduates.

On the question of conditions for postgraduate students. Senator Ryan said that the Government recognised the valuable contribution such students made to research in this country and

was committed to improving the level of stipends and benefits. However the extent to which improvements could be made depended on the total level of funds available for higher education.