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Govt & Org. Crime

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Speaking tonight at a meeting of the Liberal Federal Electorate Committee for Bdothby in South Australia, Mr Hall said "that the simple fact is that the Government and organised crime is locked in a constant battle and at the moment the Government is throwing in the towel".

He said "it appears the flack the Attorney-General and his colleagues have run into from their almost continuous run of mistakes since their election has weakened their resolve to govern.

"Among a number of fundamental issues facing the Government the matter of organised crime stands out as one of its principle challenges. Unfortunately the Attorney-General, Senator Evans, is caving in under pressure and does not look

as if Australia is going to get a National Crimes Commission.

"The fact is that effective legislation has already been passed through Parliament to set up such a Commission and now, despite strong recommendations by five current and previous Royal Commissioners at last week's seminar held in the Senate Chamber to discuss the question, the Attorney-General says there

is too much opposition to proceed.

"It now seems that we might get an intelligence gathering organisation which will provide but a shadow of what is required. The only fully effective National Crimes Commission is one which has the powers of a Royal Commission.

"Whatever excuse the Attorney-General will give for caving in under pressure, the simple fact is emerging that organised crime will be more flourishing in the Australian community because of the election of a Labor Government".

Adelaide, 2 August 1983.