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Young people urged to seek enrolment to electoral roll

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PresĀ»1 ? Statement by Senator Arthur Gletsolt

Australia's young people were urged to seek enrolment to the

electoral roll by Senator Arthur Gietcelt, the ALP spokesperson

on electoral matters, -

"Nearly half a million Australians will be denied their right

to vote in the March 5 election because of Mr Fraser's early

closing of the electoral roll" Senator Gietzelt said,

"Since the 1980 election nearly 590,000 people have turned IS

-and are eligible to voteĀ«

"Yet since that election the numbers on the roll have increased

by only 358,000, ’ '

"Many thousands of young people have had their democratic

rights stripped from them by Mr Fraser Vs hasty act.,

"In the light of the current High Court challenge to the

constitutional validity of the Electoral Act provisions which .

caused the rolls to be closed off one day after the announcement

of the election, it is imperative that young people demand

admission to the rolls" Senator Giafceelt said,

"The Labor Party fully supports the attempts of young people and

other disenfranchised Australians to establish their right to be

on the rolls and their right to vote,

"Mr Fraser claims that he is concerned for the well-being of

young people, This act which denies young Australians one of

their most basic rights shows just how hollow the Prims

Minister's claim is" Senator Gietzelt concluded,

February 15 i93'3