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Where are Liberal Party's + National Party's rural policy documents

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Shadow Minister for Primary Industry John Kerin ( 062) 72 7356 ( 02) 602 0330

The Australian Labor Party spokesman on Primary Industry,

John Kerin, this morning called on the government to lay its cards on the table for farmers to inspect.

On national radio this morning Mr Nixon Said he had a copy

of the A.L.P.'s Rural Policies.

He does not have them all - Labor's policy package will be launched by Bob Hawke at Griffith this coming Sunday.


Mr Kerin asked "Where are the Liberal Party’s and the National Party's rural policy documents?"

"Mr Anthony has already said the National Party does not

have a comprehensive set of policies. The Liberal Party

refers questions on rural policies to the National Party."

Mr Kerin said Australian farmers want to know what the Coalition's rural policy is. "Do they have a policy document or will they just throw a few lollies int;o their overall policy speeches?"


17 February }983