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Easy access for disabled at new Sutherland social security office

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P R E S S R E L E A S E T H E H O N . LES J O H N S O N MHR FOR HUGHES e OPPOSITION WHIP 21 February, 1983 24/83


The new Sutherland Branch Office of the Department of Social

Security will be opened by mid-March, said Mr. Les Johnson MHR for Hughes.

"It is well situated at 49/51 Eton Street, Sutherland, with access to the office by ramp from the footpath. A j i s e of only one to two inches into the office will provide suitable access for the disabled.

Mr. Johnson said he was delighted that his efforts -for the establishment of a new Branch of the Department of Social Security at Sutherland had reached fruition.

He said he looked forward to the Branch ultimately gaining full status. At this stage it will be a Branch of the

Caringbah Office and would cover all unemployment, sickness and special benefit enquiries and would issue Health Benefit Cards to the disadvantaged.

The Sutherland Branch Office will cater for people living between Como and Helensburgh and would include Menai, Woronora, Kirrawee and Gymea, Mr. Johnson said.

It will not only benefit these communities but will assist those

people who deal directly with the Caringbah Social Security Office. It would take some pressure off the Caringbah Office where the worsening economic situation continues to generate an increasing and heavy work load, he said.