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McPhee comments on balaclava result

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18 March 1983 /

From Ian Macphee ■

Member for Balaclava & Shadow Minister Jor Employment and Industrial Relations


I again wish to thank the electors of Balaclava for their confidence in me. I will continue to assist constituents who turn to me and support in every way possible the numerous community organisations in the electorate. -

I intend to work hard over the next Parliamentary term to help the Liberal Party examine the philosophies and assumptions upon which it has operated in recent years, both in its organisational and parliamentary wings. This re-examination must be thorough and deep, and undertaken with great patience and without recrimination.

No-one should underestimate the extent of the task ahead of us. We must tackle it urgently in order to gain the confidence of the majority of Australians when the Labor Government falters.

At the same time as we are restructuring the Liberal Party, our Federal Parliamentary wing must provide a constructive and efficient Opposition. In that regard, I. welcome the dual responsibilities which have been assigned to me.

I am particularly pleased to have been given the responsibility of formulating policies to uphold and enhance the status of women. This is an area in which it is widely acknowledged that the Liberal Party has failed to keep up with modern

aspirations. In tackling this job I look forward to working electorally with all women's organisations which wish to see -that failure rectified.

My other responsibility, Employment and Industrial Relations, is also of fundamental significance to our society. I look forward to maintaining my contact with the principal parties in industrial relations, and co-operating, with them in assisting and finding jobs for the unemployed.

In each of these areas I. will support Mr Ralph Willis, my counterpart in the new Government, whenever I believe him to be correct. At the same time I will be relentless in exposing any inadequacies in Labor's policies, arid will offer real' alternatives to any shortcomings which I perceive in his approach.

In concluding my remarks, I wish to congratulate Mr Hawke and his Government on being elected and thank each of my opponents for the fair campaign they fought in Balaclava.

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