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Wine excise cover-up?

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P R E S S R E L E A S E Ylfe ■ ■*· * * * * * * m m * ” J*. AUSTRALIA _ 3»»»^<««^THE SENATE WINE EXCISE COVER-UP?



The Federal Government is unwilling to provide information

on the new wine excise or take note of the devastating

effect that the measure will have on sections of the wine

industry in South Australia, it has been claimed.

Senator Tony Messner (Lib SA) said that no information

had been included in the Budget Papers other than the

precise amount od excise to be applied to grape spirit

used in fortified wines.

"There is no estimate of the expected revenue to be raised

by this measure. As a result, it is very difficult to

accurately guage the impact of the excise."

"This omission is either a serious oversight or an

attempt to try and hide the extent of the measure."

Senator Messner said that when he had raised the plight

of Riverland winemakers in the Senate last night, the

Government had been unwilling to listen.

"When I attempted,'by seeking leave of the House, to

point out the discriminatory nature of the tax and gain

more information about its effect, I was gagged because

a South Australian Labor Senator refused me leave."

"Senator Crowley's action demonstrates her lack of

concern for the wine industry in South Australia generally

and in the Riverland in particular."

Senator Messner called on the Government to immediately

release all relevant information on the new excise to

enable its impact to be precisely determined.

"Ί have written to the Minister for Primary .Indus! ry .in

the strongest terms seeking his commitment to such a course of action.