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Ordinary Australians being treated as tax avoiders

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P R E S S R E L E A S E *e


Senator Tony Mcssncr Shadow Minister f0r Social Security

82/83 .


The Hawke Government seemed intent on treating people who sought to save for their retirements as tax avoiders, the Senate? was told today,

Senator Tony Messner - the Shadow Minister for Social Security - was speaking during debate on an Opposition matter of public importance: "The confusion and contradiction of the Government's

tax policy", ■

"The Labor Party seems to define wealth as being modest assets accumulated by «drdinary Australians in pursuit of financial independence and security." .

"This is in direct conflict with the whole Australian ethos which is directed towards independence from Government control and support and the quest, during working lifetimes, for means by which people can enjoy secure and carefree retirements."

Senator Messner said that the Hawke Government defined this l ypr­ of capital accumulation as bad for the country.

"It treats those seeking to accumulate capital, in forms like lump sum superannuation payments, as tax avoiders."

"This is evidenced by its superannuation changes which were said to be only going to affect the wealthy,"

"Yet the Minister for Finance has revealed that, cf people

getting lump sum payments, 1% -'receive more than $100,000, 92% less than $20,000 and three quarters of these less than $5,000."

Senator Messner said that the Government seemed to believe that the majority of people getting less than $5,000 were the well-off section of the community.

"The Liberal Party rejects such an approach."

"Our alternative seeks to encourage people to provide for

themselves in the Australian spirit of independence."