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Labor's retirement income contradictions continue

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Shadow Minister -for ' Social Seenr j



The Federal Labor Caucus decision to establish a working group to consider the feasibility of a national superannuation scheme for Australia, was yet another contradictory element of Labor's retirement income policy„

Senator Tony Messner the Shadow Minister for Social Security - was' commenting o n ·Caucus approval of an amendment moved by Mrs Darling to the assets test policy. . · ,

"A Caucus working party is to he. established to look at a non-income or asset tested superannuation scheme."

"Yet they expect us. to believe that the imposition of the proposed income and means test on the existing pension is a precursor to a future non-means tested payment." .

"That sort 'of reasoning is indicative of Labor's approach to . retirement income policy over the past, six months. One policy or programme· simply does not mesh with the next.".

"It is as a result of this sort of ad hoc policy making that so many inequities and anomalies have been created."

Senator Messner said that Mrs Darling's other suggestion for a co-ordinated approach exactly mirrors that of the Opposition. .

"It notes the necessity for a 'comprehensive nc adequately co-ordinated1 'retirement benefit·policy'for a 11 Australians. . That is what,the Opposition has. been urging'and it is why we had the matter referred to a Senate Committee,"

"If Labor was serious about providing security for all Australians •of retirement age, I would hiive thought it might have been more sensible to refer the matter to the Senate Committee,which has s tarted work, and not an in-Caucus committee." ' ,

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