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Bicentennial propaganda exercise

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STATEMENT BY EETEK AtCKEISS h a d o w - M i n is t e r f o r T r a n s p o r t CANBERRA January 27, 1983



Mr Fraser is turning A ustralia's bicentenary celebrations into a massive election year propaganda exercise a t public expense.

For seven years, his Government has been driving the economy into the ground, with i t s harsh and tig h t-fis te d p olicies on spending.

Government programs have been slashed across the board year a fte r year by many tens of m illio n s: of d o lla rs.

Suddenly, in an electio n . year,; a l l th is has; changed. Mr Fraser has now offered, or promised, more than $4 b illio n fo r projects which he has linked to the bicentenary celebrations in

Australians want.tolkhow where;w ill /th e. money ccme from. Our 700,000 unemployed want jobs now, not in five years time.

The concept of the Bicentennial Authority acting as a n on-political co-ordinating group has been corrupted by the Government' s actions. What Mr Fraser is doing is deliberately p o litic isin g the _ n atio n 's 200th birthday for his own Government's advantage in an

election year.

I t is simply another example of th is Government' s cynical and irresponsible a ttitu d e to economic management.

A u stralia's bicentenary ic.celebration . —:ยท should be a source of pride in our country's achievements. I t should not be a p o litic a l campaign vehicle for the L iberal _

Party funded by Australian taxpayers to benefit a Government responsible for the worst unemployment in 50 y ears.


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