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The stench of corruption

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Leader of the Opposition

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"The stench of extensive political corruption now surrounds the Labor Government and Mr Hawke himself", the Leader of the Opposition, Andrew Peacock said today.

"Mr Hawke refuses to deny that he himself or his officers have been involved in breaches of national security. '

"Mr Hawke refuses to deny the allegations that his Government and his entourage of political advisers have used national security information for commercial advantage. This is no issue of innocent inexperience - it is allegation of the passing on of security information for political and

financial gain.

"Mr Hawke continues to hide behind the facade of a Royal Commission. He talks to the Australian people through his Government's legal counsel.

"What else has Mr Hawke to hide - what else will he try to cover up? Is he trying to protect not only himself and his Government but also the incestuous group of Labor Party hacks who have been his closest supporters and advisers? Does he regard them as more important and having privileges

not available to ordinary Australians?

"We are left wondering how else Mr Hawke may have helped his political and personal cronies throughout this affair and in other areas of Government.

"Mr Hawke must make an immediate full statement to the nation. This is what the Australian people derserve - it is what they are entitled to expect. Continued silence only fuels speculation.

"The consequences of Mr Hawke's handling of this affair go far beyond the credibility of himself and his Party. It destabilises the whole process of Government, it damages Australia's reputation and it is against the interest of

all Australians."