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The Deakin lecture

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% Leader of the Opposition



("The Liberal Approach to Change")

"The way to reduce unemployment is not to discourage the young and women from seeking jobs. The Liberal way is to promote economic growth," the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Andrew Peacock said today in Melbourne. .

Tonight Mr Peacock delivers the 1983 Alfred Deakin Lecture entitled "The Liberal Approach to Change" (Melbourne University, 8.00p.m.).

"The fact is that many women not only work to support their families, many work for personal fulfilment. The answer is not to deprive these women of their freedom of choice and opportunity.

"The answer to the tragic problem of youth unemployment is not to create new basket weaving or commune societies as recommended by the Prime Minister. Even the Young Labor Movement said this approach is a misunderstanding of the situation.

"The answer is to generate economic growth which will generate investment and that confidence to invest will provide lasting jobs.

"It would also help if the Government would consider the recommendations of its own advisors that youth unemployment could be reduced if Australia relaxed the rigid minimum wage system.

"Australia can again return to economic growth if business is given a fair go and the right incentives. It is the private sector - both small and large businesses - which create permanent jobs. It is not more Government departments." Mr Peacock also said any philosophy which believes in the sanctity of the

individual as Liberalism does, must believe in guaranteed civil liberties.

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"Civil liberties have been severely the present Government's handling of the Combe/Ivanov affair.

"This seems to be all part of a dangerous tendency of this Labor Government towards government through powerful pressure groups such as big unions. This approach to government will hurt the disadvantaged groups in the community such as the unemployed.

In summing up his lecture tonight, Mr Peacock said he recognised that social and economic change was inevitable.

"The Liberal approach is to see change as opening up new opportunities. The Labor approach is to see change as posing new threat^.

"In the months ahead, the Liberal Party will be reassessing its policies. This review will be within the framework and discipline of the basic Liberal philosophy and principles outlined in this Lecture. '

"The policies will be geared to creating opportunities from the inevitable social and economic change in Australia in the decades ahead. These policies will evolve with change - however, the underlying principles will remain the same.

"It is the Liberal framework which can best provide wider social " and economic opportunities. It will do it through the Liberal emphasis on the strengths and rights of the individual. This leads to an emphasis on effort, enterprise and excellence

- the very traits which will move Australia forward and allow us to make change an opportunity, not a threat."

28 July, 1983.