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The allegations against Mr Hawke

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Leader of the Opposition



Mr Hawke owes Australians an explanation - and quickly!

The persistent rumours that a Minister senior to the sacked Mr Mick Young was also responsible for leaks from the Cabinet's National and International Security Committee have now been given substance in the Sydney Morning Herald.

That paper states that Mr Hawke himself was the principal culprit. It further states that Mr Hawke rang his political crony and Canberra businessman, Richard Farmer, on 24 April "alerting him to the looming Combe affair".

As the Sydney Morning Herald says, this "set off a chain of communication like a string of firecrackers".

Mr Hawke has been evading for weeks this critical question of who told Richard Farmer.

Mr Hawke now stands accused of improperly divulging security information from a top-level Cabinet Committee.

A Cabinet Minister has been reprimanded and sacked for this same offence.

The whole question of the integrity of the Government and its leadership is at stake. ยท

If Mr Hawke's evidence to the Hope Royal Commission does not publicly answer the charges then Mr Hawke must make a full immediate statement giving the facts to the Australian people.

This is the only way to end these damaging charges once and for all.

CANBERRA 3 August 1983