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Leader of the Opposition °{^L


"The Budget is a heartless attack on Australians. It hits families, it will cost people their j o b s , it breaks p r o m i s e s , and it puts economic recovery at r i s k .

. Labor promised tax cuts for 99% of Australians. Inst e a d , it has delivered tax increases for 100% of them.

. A wage earner on $15,000 per annum ννΐΐΐ have to pay tax

increases of up to 16% in 1983, according to the calculations of the Secretary of the Taxpayers' Association. On top of this are the massive increases in State Government and local taxes and charges.

. The Government predicts the dole queue will grow by 26% in 1983/84. Unemployment could rise by 90,000 by this time next y e a r .

. The Government predicts interest rates will r i s e , seriously affecting home buyers and small businesses.

. The worker on average weekly earnings will soon be paying not

300 but 460 on each extra dollar earned.

. The assets/means test on pensions - on top of the superannuation tax and income test for the o v e r - 7 0 's in the mini-Budget - has caused further confusion and alarm among the elderly.

. Less than 24 hours after the Budget, the Government is already

talking about more new major taxes. Australians are wondering how they will be hit next.

24 A u g u s t , 1983.

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