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Strategy highlights potential of Australia's marine industry

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The Hon. John Moore, MR Minister for Industry, Science and Tourism

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6 February 1997 27/97

Strategy highlights potential o f A ustralia’s m arine industry

The Minister for Industry, Science and Tourism, John Moore, has welcomed today’s release o f a new marine development strategy, which highlights the Australian marine industry’s potential to contribute to future economic growth and job creation.

“Marine industries have shown strong growth in recent years and many are regionally based. The Government wants these industries to continue their growth and their contribution to employment in regional Australia,” Mr Moore said.

He said the strategy was timely, given the Government’s commitment to developing a national Oceans Policy and a national marine science and technology plan.

“Industry development issues are central to the ocean management framework which will be developed for the Oceans Policy.

“These issues also represent an important focus for a national marine science and technology effort.”

The strategy document, which was prepared by the Aus: an Marine Industries and Sciences Council (AMISC), was made public at a workshop hosu y AMISC today at the Natioinal Agricultural Outlook conference in Canberra.

Marine industries range from shipbuilding to offshore oil and gas production and tourism. They were worth around $30 billion in 1994 - just under 8 per cent of Australia’s GDP

These industries have also shown strong growth of 8 to 10 per cent in real terms in recent years and currently employ more than 200,000.

Contact: Cheryl Cartwright CMR466 M r M oore’s Office 06 277 7580

Paul Dowling DIST 06 213 7518

The executive summary from the strategy is attached. A copy o f the full draft is available from DIST, or on the Department’s worldwide web page (

The AMISC membership list and terms of reference are also attached.


Membership o f AMISC and terms o f reference


Mr Lance Hockridge (CHAIRMAN), Corporate General Manager - International, BHP Commodore Eoin Asker, Director-General, Naval Production, Royal Australian Navy Dr Lesley Borowitzka, General Manager, Western Biotechnology Ltd Mr Mike Burgess, Managing Director, Quicksilver Connections and Member o f the Board,

Association o f Marine Park Tourism Operators M r Ron Eagle, Director, Commercial Business, NSW Department o f Public Works and Services and Director, Australian Water and Coastal Studies Pty Ltd Ms Anne English, Partner, Bottoms English Lawyers

**Dr Roy Green, former Chief Executive, CSIRO Mr Phil Hercus, Managing Director, International Catamaran Designs Pty Ltd Mr Brian Jefiriess, President, Tuna Boat Operators Association o f Australia Mr Tony Papaconstuntinos, ACTU Executive and Council Member and Joint National Secretary

o f the Maritime Union o f Australia Dr Peter Power, Managing Director, Ampolex Ltd M r John Rothwell, Managing Director/Chairman, Austal Ships Pty Ltd **Dr Ray Steedman, Chairman, Western Australian Environment Protection Authority

* * Term expired in February 1996; postions currently vacant

Terms of reference

a) Advise the Minister for Industry, Science and Tourism on ways to encourage the sustainable development o f marine-based industries, any directly related matters, marine science and technology priorities and marine industry opportunities.

b) Develop a Marine Industry Development Strategy, including evaluation o f achievements, opportunities and economic prospects.

c) Encourage and support coordination within and between relevant government agencies and industry bodies in order to promote marine industry development.

d) Provide advice on the directions and priorities for marine-based research effort funded by the Commonwealth, including project opportunities, and develop links with State and other agencies on research supporting marine industry development.

e) Promote communication between research users and researchers, including the encouragement o f collaborative research funding by industry.