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Ministerial forum looking beyond 2000

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The Hon Warwick Smith MP

Media Release M inister for Sport, Territories and Local G overnm entM inister A ssisting the Prim e M inister for the Sydney 2000 G am esF ederal M em ber for Bass MINISTERIAL FORUM LOOKING BEYOND 2000

W arw ick Smith, F ederal M inister for Sport, Territories an d Local G overnm ent, said to d a y th a t th e next C anberra M inisterial F orum , scheduled for T uesday 30 Septem ber, w o u ld be considering som e key initiatives integral to the p ro sp erity of C anberra a n d the ACT Region w ell into th e n ex t century.

Established b y the H o w ard G overnm ent last year to forge links betw een the Federal a n d ACT G overnm ents, the C anberra business com m unity a n d the A ustralian C apital Region, the F orum has a principal aim of developing strategies to stim ulate the local econom y a n d assist job creation.

"The F orum h as p roved to b e a significant initiative b y brin g in g together k ey representatives in the in d u stry a n d governm ent sectors", M r Sm ith said.

"It has becom e an im p o rtan t line of com m unication betw een all parties an d T uesday's m eetin g has a full a n d w ide ran g in g agenda covering m ajor topics of current interest to th e ACT a n d R egion", he said.

A key item listed for discussion w ill see ideas canvassed to ensure the ACT m axim ises its opportunities for sustainable grow th in areas of outsourcing.

The M inister for Finance, John Fahey a n d M inister for Defence, Ian M cLachlan w ill atten d the Forum to discuss developm ents in th eir portfolios of special significance to the ACT.

Vital regional tran sp o rt infrastructure m atters, including the C anberra A irport and Very F ast Train proposals, w ill also be discussed.

"The Federal G overnm ent is actively w orking in p artn ersh ip w ith the ACT G overnm ent a n d business and regional leaders to ensure th at C anberra develops as an im p o rtan t econom ic a n d regional centre, an d a N ational C apital of great p ride for all A ustralians", M r Sm ith said.

Ends....28 Septem ber 1997

Contact: M argaret Sutherland, M inister's Office 6277 7080 o r 0419 238 754


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