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Australian National Training Authority Agreement

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Hon Peter Adamson, Hon John Aquilina, Hon Cheryl Edwardes, Hon Phil Honeywood, _____ Hon David Kemp, Hon Sue Napier, Hon Santo Santoro, Mr Bill Stefaniak_____


The State, Territory, and Commonwealth Ministers for Vocational Education and Training have agreed upon the basis for funding Australia’s vocational education and training system.

The Commonwealth Government has agreed to a three-year commitment to maintain funding in real terms ($890,585 million in 1998) for vocational education and training, and States and Territories will achieve growth in their vocational education and training systems through efficiencies, consistent with the Memorandum o f Understanding as attached. Through the new ANT A agreement, the

States and Commonwealth, as equal partners, will identify and plan for future growth requirements, including requirements arising from major changes in factors affecting demand.

The State and Territory Ministers said that they were pleased that the Commonwealth Government had recognised the need to apply some o f the immediate gains from efficiencies to improvement and restructuring o f the system, which would enhance the prospects o f further efficiency gains in the medium term, to pay increases and other programs to support the national training framework.

State and Territory Ministers also welcomed the Commonwealth acknowledging the challenges each State and Territory would face in implementing national initiatives.

The scope o f efficiencies and the additional number o f student places will be discussed with each State and Territory and agreed at the meeting o f the Australian National Training Authority Ministerial Council Meeting in November this year.

All the Ministers remain committed to a national, industry-led vocational education and training system, including the program o f New Apprenticeships.

‘A high quality vocational education and training system that provides employment skills is essential to Australia’s economic prosperity, and the funding agreement will strengthen the system.

O u r agreement is evidence o f the commitment o f Ministers to improving Australia’s skill levels and improving opportunities for young people’, the Ministers said.

25 September 1997

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Ministers have agreed:

1. That the mechanisms which would be included in an ANTA Agreement will reflect the principle o f growth through efficiencies.

2. That arrangements will enhance industry-led vocational education and training arrangements in Australia and foster collaboration and partnership between States, Territories and the Commonwealth.

3. That MINCO will determine and set the guidelines for bilateral discussions between ANTA and each State and Territory and agree the outcome o f those discussions.

4. To the development within an Agreement o f mechanisms (involving multilateral MINCO agreements to processes and guidelines) which will reflect the above at the State and Territory and national level, including mechanisms to:

- identify efficiencies and to assist in releasing funds for growth and system enhancements;

- measure and assess maintenance o f outcomes and outputs;

- identify and plan for future growth requirements, including demographic growth, and requirements arising from major changes in factors affecting demand;

- Ministers note that decisions already in train which will impose costs are:

(i) additional VET places;

(ii) youth allowance;

(iii) additional New Apprenticeships;

(iv) national training packages; and

(v) VET in schools.

5. To modifications to ANTA arrangements to enhance the national partnership between the Commonwealth, States, Territories and industry, including future arrangements for:

a. the Ministerial Council, which will maintain a full-national cooperative agenda and process. Voting and chairing arrangements as at present

b. the ANTA Board, including its capacity to give effect to industry-led arrangements with a strategic focus to develop and recommend on national policies and strategies. (i) Membership: number to remain at present level, including one large, one small state training board industry representative. (ii) Review o f Board structure in 12 months time (iii) ANTA to ensure that descriptions o f all research documents are circulated promptly

and simultaneously to all MINCO members.