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Reciprocal health agreement initialled with Ireland

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Australia's Commonwealth Department o f H... Services. Media Release - Dr Wooldridge

Dr Michael Wooldridge

Media Release Commonwealth Department of

Health and Family Services ?

MW21/97 18 March 1997


The upcoming reciprocal health agreement between Australia and Ireland was under discussion at a meeting today between the Federal Minister for Health and Family Services, Dr Michael Wooldridge and Ireland's Minister of State for Health, Mr Austin Currie.

D r Wooldridge said both countries were now ready to proceed with the formal establishment o f an agreement which will give visitors access to the public health system o f the host country for medical and public hospital treatment.

"The reciprocal arrangements will ensure that Australians travelling to Ireland will have access to reliable health care services while they are away from home," Dr Wooldridge said

"Similarly, Irish visitors to Australia will also be entitled to treatment as public patients in Australian public hospitals."

Health agreements are sought by Australia with countries which have similar health systems and high tourist and business traffic. Agreements are negotiated on the basis o f equivalence o f health systems and the ability to offer reciprocity o f health care.

Dr Wooldridge said that Australia currently has reciprocal health agreements with the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Italy, Malta, Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland.

"These agreements represent a co-operative effort between governments to provide a safeguard for visitors who require medical treatment while away from home." Dr Wooldridge said.


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