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Grants to assist indegenous researchers

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Minister for Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs

MEDIA RELEASE Senator the Hon. Amanda Vanstone Senator for South Australia


V I18/97 1 July 1997


A study o f links between sport and self-esteem for indigenous children is among the projects to be funded by seven new grants for indigenous researchers approved today by the Minister for Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs, Senator Amanda Vanstone.

“These grants are awarded under the second round of a new research scheme which aims to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to improve their research skills,” Senator Vanstone said

“The study o f the connection between sport and self-esteem in a group of Aboriginal children will aim to develop culturally sensitive teaching and coaching programmes.

“Another project will examine the educational and other needs of indigenous medical students and graduates. The results of this study should help to ensure that such courses are appropriate to all students undertaking them.

“The key objective is to develop the expertise of successful applicants to a level where they will be competitive for mainstream research funding.

“The initial emphasis of the programme is to provide support for research projects and for training in research methodology and the preparation of research proposals.”

The seven recipients of 1997 grants are:

Ms L Williams o f the University of Newcastle Ms D M Mellor o f the Flinders University of South Australia Mrs C Kickett-Tucker of Edith Cowan University Dr P Hughes o f the University of South Australia Ms M Moloney o f the Australian National University Ms J A Martiniello of the University of Canberra Ms G Garvey o f the University of Newcastle

Senator Vanstone said the closing date for applications for the 1998 round of grants under the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Researchers Development Programme funding is 31 July 1997.

The research grants are allocated through the Australian Research Council’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Researchers Development Programme.

Further information: Christian Kerr, Minister’s Office, 08 8237 7946


1997 ARC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Researchers Development Program

R e c ip ie n t In stitu tio n P ro ie c t

M s L W illiam s U niversity o f N ew castle Investigation o f the traditional origins o f a sam ple group o f A boriginal people w ho have

lived in th e H inter region o f N S W since 1960. R ecordings o f oral histories w ill focus on the im pact the 1960 N S W V oluntary Fam ily R esettlem ent Schem e has had on A boriginal people including cultural disruption and possible culture conflict.

M s D M Mellon Flinders U niversity o f SA C ollation o f inform ation about fibre w eaving techniques, and w oven fibre objects created

and used by A boriginal peoples, focussing especially on areas south o f the Q ueensland and N orthern Territory borders.

M rs C K ickett-Tucker Edith C ow an U niversity T he aim o f th is project is to contribute to the know ledge and theories o f sense o f self and

sport from a group o f A ustralian A boriginal children’s perspective. Inform ation received in this study w ill assist in developing culturally appropriate sports program s, as w ell as culturally sensitive teaching/coaching environm ents.

D r P Hughes U niversity o f South A ustralia The A boriginal education unit o f the South A ustralian D epartm ent for Education and

C hildren’s Services conducted a project in 1995 to investigate the effectiveness o f A boriginal w ays o f learning for teaching in prim ary schools. This project w ill review and analyse the data collected from th e teachers involved w ith a view to ascertaining w hether there w ere som e approaches w hich engaged aboriginal students better and led to significant education im provem ent.

M s M M oloney A ustralian N ational U niversity This project w ill provide d ata on A boriginal and Torres people and sm oking habits/pattem s

etc - including fam ily backgrounds. This research will assist in predicting the likelihood o f diseases and establishing intervention program s.

M s J A M artinello U niversity o f C anberra Investigation and analysis o f d ata pertaining to indigenous cultural factors and conditions

th at affect aboriginal adult learning styles in relation to both em bedded indigenous socio­ cultural factors and current aboriginal adult education practices.

M s G G arvey U niversity o f N ew castle Research into the educational and other needs o f indigenous m edical students and graduates

and overseas students studying m edical degrees in A ustralia.