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New marriage and relationship education program

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* Ξ- ATTORNEY- GENERAL -ANDM INISTER FOR JUSTICE -The H o n . D aryl W illiam s a m q c m p23 January 1997 207N EW M A U R I ACT AND RFXATTONSHTP ED U C A TIO N PR O G R A MFamilies in metropolitan, regional and rural Australia w ill benefit from 34 new community-based marriage and relationship education services to be established this year.In announcing the successful applicants for Federal Government funding today, I note that a total o f $1.2 million has been dedicated to fund the sendees, which forms part of the G overnment’s Budget initiative to strengthen fam ilies.According to a census of all marriage counselling cases closed by contracted organisations in 1993, clients reported good rates o f satisfaction on pre-marriage education programs on the most commonly covered topics of communication and sexuality and fam ily planning.As promised, the Government is doubling its funding commitment to help reduce marriage and relationship breakdown. A total of $6.1 million over three years will expand access to marriage and relationship education, particularly in rural and remote and high-need metropolitan areas.New services w ill be established in 10 m etropolitan areas, including m ost capital cities, 12 regional and 12 rural areas across the country (see Appendix A). Funding has been allocated to a Northern Territory organisation to conduct a pilot project on the needs o f Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People for marriage and relationship education services. Distance education programs are also being developed to give access to marriage and relationship education services for people in rural and remote areas.These services will help couples manage their relationships and be alert to potentially damaging issues which contribute to relationship breakdown. Couples w ill learn how to cope w ith issues like personality or value differences, lifestyle changes, parenthood, retirement, careers or step-families.Family breakdown costs the community dearly - statistics show that for every two couples who married in 1995, another couple got divorced. By teaching couples effective self- management, these services will significantly case this burden. I congratulate all o f the community-based services selected to provide these vital services.M edia C ontacts: Stuart Joynt (Attorney-General’s Office) (09) 221 7897Megan Bonny (Attorney-General’s Office) (06) 277 7300 Jack Woodforde. (Attorney-General's Dept) (06) 250 6512COMMONWEALTH PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARY

N ational F am ily Services O rganisation C ontacts (P eak Bodies);

CfrQtacaie Australi a Ltd: /ices A ustralia:

Relationships Australia Inc;

Mr Paul Tyrrell (Executive Officer) (06) 281 10B7 Ms Sue Park (President), or Ms Dianne Gibson (Executive Director) (06) 281 1788 Ms Helen Disney (National Director) (06) 285 4466

Appendix A


State Statistical Subdivision Agency SSD-Full-

Y ear Funding

N S W ' lnner/Central Sydney Relationships Australia S30 000

Canterbury Relationships Australia $30 000

Fairfield Relationships Australia $30 000

Gosford U n ifem · $50 000

Illawarra Ceotacare

fW otionEune) ‘ $50 000

aarence/Hastings Family L ife M ovem ent o f Anstroll a ’

$50 000

Richmond-Tweed (w eed V alley F am ily & Υοαΰ> S n p oon ' 550 000

Central Muirumbidgee C cn tacareW agga W agga (with Ccntacsre Canberra)

$50 000

Northern Slopes A nglican C ounselling

. Service fArmidaleT $ 5 o 1 5 o o

VIC Eastern Outer Melbourne StepfamOy o f Victoria $30 oeo

CentralMelbourne A n glican Marriage E d u cariorS ervicc & Jesuit Social Services

$30 000

Ballarat Centseare (Ballarat) $50 009

Wodonga Upper H om e H ealth


$50 oob"

Hopkias/Wamambool Ccnlacarc (Ballarat) $50 000 Shepparton Relationships Australia

(V I O

$50 000

Momington Peninsula A n g lia n M ania#* & C ou n ssliin e Service $50 000

QLD ~ Brisbane City . A nglican Fam ily Care S3Q0Q0

Ipswich · A nglican Fam ily Cara $40 000

Logan City Anglican Fam ily Care $40000

Wide Bay Burnett Centaczre (Brisbane) $30 OOO barling Downs Oeataeare Toow oom ba $30 000

M a c k a v Relationships Australia

f.QltJ) & Ccztuiwrv·, Muofcuv

$30 OOO

Cairns„ Relationships Australia

(O LD)

$30 000

S A Southern Metro Centncar e (Adelaide) $30 000

Lower South Ccntacarc (Adelaide) $30 000

Whyalla W h y a iu Counselling


$30 ΟΟύ

Yorke Lower Lutheran Community


$30 000

WA South East Metro Relationships Australia

(W A)

$30 000

r n o a r a K dtuluiulily»

(W A )

$40 0 0 0

Preston Relationships Australia

(W A)



TAS Hobart Relationships Australia


$10 000

Bumie-Devonport Relationships Australia (Tas) $10 000

NT NT A n g llcareN T $10 000

ACT Canberra-Queanbey an Cenocare (Canberra & Gtxilbom) $10 000

TOTAL 34 Services $1200(500 -