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Firearms buyback

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30 September 1997 344


T he conclusion o f the A ustralian Firearm s B uyback achieves another positive step in A ustralia’s new approach to firearm s and continues the fundam ental change in our nation’s attitudes tow ards firearm ow nership.

M ore than 600,000 firearm s have been handed in to the authorities under the buyback in return for m ore than $294 m illion in com pensation.

There continues to be strong support for the firearm reform s w ith 78 per cent o f all adult A ustralians in favour o f the laws and 56 per cent of people strongly in favour o f the new laws. Public aw areness o f the new laws is alm ost universal w ith 96 per cent o f people aw are o f the reform s. T hese figures ensure a high com pliance rate w ith the uniform firearm law s now in place in each state jurisdiction.

T he success o f the buyback can be attributed to the support o f the w hole com m unity and particularly, to the overw helm ingly positive response from firearm s owners.

R esearch shows that m ore than 8 in 10 current firearm ow ners w ould hand in an illegal firearm if they had one, proving that the vast m ajority o f A ustralian firearm s ow ners are com plying w ith uniform law s now in place in each state jurisdiction.

The success o f the buyback is a credit to firearm ow ners in A ustralia and through their responsible actions, w e have taken a significant step tow ards m aking A ustralia a safer place for everyone.

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