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Crean launches property management plan campaign

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DPIE92/69C 26 August 1992


The M inister for Primary Industries and Energy, Simon Crean, today outlined a national campaign to assist landholders in enhancing their knowledge and skills for the sustainable management of their properties.

Up to $4 million a year will be available to support community and State activities, such as training programs and regional workshops to develop property management plans. The objective is to have 85 per cent of landholders using appropriate planning principles by the year 2000.

"Property Management Planning (PMP) is a key tool to identify and achieve landholder’s personal goals, to integrate economic and ecological considerations in farm management and extend the scope of management planning beyond agricultural production," Mr Crean said.

"While the campaign and funding for it is a part of the National Drought Policy I announced last week it has much wider ramifications which embrace the whole question oflong-term profitability and sustainability of Australia's farms.

"It highlights the way in which the initiatives I am introducing are integrated and interlinked, with each being consistent with the overall objective of encouraging the structural adjustm ent and sustainable management in the farm sector.

"The level of Property Management Planning has increased dramatically over the last five years and this campaign will provide significant additional support to meet current demand and accelerate the adoption of plans."

It is envisaged th a t the campaign will be developed in conjunction with the States and Territories, the NFF and other primary producer groups, and Australia's financial institutions.

The campaign will further develop the workshop-based approach to property planning th a t has proven so successful in recent years. The Commonwealth will provide extra funding through the National Landcare Program to develop and enhance expertise and help regionally-based technical experts including private consultants provide workshops in local areas.

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