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Funding of $500000 to improve rural access

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MEDIA RELEASEM inister for Prim ary Industries and EnergySimon Crean, MR DPIE92/20C 15 March 1992


The Minister for Primary Industries and Energy, Simon Crean, today announced grants totalling $547,774 for 53 projects aimed at improving rural access to education, health and information services.

Mr Crean said the overwhelming response to invitations to apply for Rural Access Program (RAP) grants indicated the depth of the rural community's interest in increasing access to educational, health and information services.

The majority of the grants will disseminate information on a wide range of issues to the local community and are targeted particularly at disadvantaged people in remote areas. Fifteen grants will benefit women's projects.

"The Walcha Technology Centre in NSW deserves a special mention. It receives $23,470 to establish a telecentre using telecommunications technology to improve community access to information, education and employment programs. This project also received significant financial

support from Telecom," Mr Crean said.

"This innovative project will provide the community with information at a central location and allow rural people to access current technology."

The RAP conducts regular assessment rounds throughout the year and applications are accepted any time.

The program, which has an allocation of $1.5 million this financial year, is administered by the Department of Primary Industries and Energy in consultation with the departments of Employment, Education and Training, .

Prime Minister and Cabinet and Health, Housing and Community Services.

Attached is a list of successful projects.

Information: Catherine Payne, Minister's office (06) 277 7520. Greg Seberry, Department (06) 272 5010 Country link Information Line (008) 026 222


Parliament H ouse, Canberra ACT 2600. Telephone: (0 6 )2 7 7 7520 Facsimile: (0 6 )2 7 3 4.120

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Aboriginal Education Unit Location: NOWRA, NSW Project: Computer Course Purpose: To train Aboriginal students in computer skills via an on site

delivery package in four South Coast communities.

To increase access to software packages. Funds: $17,924

Contact: Ms Iris White, 044214491

Asthma Foundation of NSW - Grafton Location: SOUTH GRAFTON, NSW Project: Rural Asthma Family Support Networking Pilot Purpose: To train volunteers and to expand a volunteer network \diich provides

support and advice to asthma sufferers and their families.

To develop a local support network in the Clarence Valley with particular emphasis on meeting the needs of isolated families. Funds: $9,825

Contact: Mrs Janine Cunningham, 066 421770

Avon District Hall Inc Location: AVON, SA Project: Rural Assistance & Facilities Service (RAFS) Purpose: To provide general information and referral services and to act as a

central information and liaison centre for Government service departments in the Wakefield Plains region of SA.

To publish' newsletters and conduct seminars disseminating information about Government services. Funds: $7,097

Contact: Mr B Henstridge, 088 627042

Bairnsdale Adult Community Education Inc Location: BAIRNSDALE, VIC Project: Outreach Community Education - East Gippsland

Purpose: To improve the access of communities in the East Gippsland region to adult education opportunities and to increase the employment prospects of the unemployed through participation in the project.

Funds: $8,615

Contact: Ms Jan Sharp, 051 522899

Batchelor College Location: BATCHELOR, NT Project: Management Education for Remote Aboriginal Communities Purpose: To review, update and expand the educational material for two

nationally accredited Diploma courses - the Associate Diploma of Business (AD0B) and the Certificate in Office Administration (CI0A).

To deliver the revised material to remote communities via on site training and correspondence packages.

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Funds: ' $19,150 ■ ■■ , „ , '

Contact: Mr David Kirkby, 089760002 J ·

Bingara Adult Learning Association Inc Location: BINGARA, NSW Project: Improving Employment Prospects in Bingara Purpose: To provide information on education and employment opportunities for

high school students and unemployed persons in the Bingara district. Funds: $1,242

Contact: Ms Robyn Gasson, 067241772

Broken Hill Hearing Resource Centre Location: BROKEN HILL, NSW Project: Hearing the Isolated

Purpose: To identify, deliver and sustain a range of services to hearing impaired persons, their carers, families and the general community.

To reduce the isolation of the target group and promote the normalisation of their life. Funds: $9,010 .

Contact: Mrs Cath Bonnes, 080882228

Centacare Location: Project:


Family Welfare DANGAR, NSW Outreach Worker To assess the needs of isolated women and their families, in the Upper Hunter Valley region of NSW, and to establish a support network which

includes a voluntary home visit service.

Funds: $9,000

Contact: Sr Annetta LLewellyn, 049 612199

Chaffev House Location: RENMARK, SA Project: Chaffey House Community Activity Project Purpose: To conduct educational, social and recreational activities designed to

raise community awareness about services and opportunites available locally.

To establish a self-help network amongst the community.

Funds: $8,600

Contact: Ms Jan Parkes, 085 865745

Child Sexual Assault Services Management Location: LISMORE, NSW Project: Protective Training Behaviours Training Workshops Purpose: To train Aboriginal women to run protective behaviours workshops in

their communities. .

To run two community forums on child sexual assault in isolated rural areas and to run eight workshops in outlying rural areas of the Tweed-Grafton region of NSW. Funds: $3,820

Contact: Ms Maree Roberts, 066217397

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Λ» I

Coffs Harbour and District Hospital Location: COFFS HARBOUR, NSW Project: Part Time Aboriginal Parent Educator

Purpose: To increase access of Aboriginal women to existing obstetric services and encourage their use of post-natal follow-up services.

Funds: $9,968

Contact: Mrs Sally Spruce, 066 522866

Community Care Council West Pilbara Inc Location: KARRATHA, WA Project: Development Course for Women of Non-English Speaking Background Purpose: To disseminate information about community resources, services and

options availabe to NESB women.

To encourage NESB women to participate in education/training and employment programs and other activities within the community. Funds: $9,930

Contact: Ms Shirley Parrazicini, 091 851856

Continuing Education Bendigo Location: BENDIGO, VIC Project: Taking Adult Literacy to the Country Purpose: To conduct three training workshops for rural adult literacy workers

throughout central and northern Victoria.

To extend literacy workers expertise in teaching intellectually disabled students. Funds: $2,026 .

Contact: Mr Trevor Tonkin, 054 422655

Cunningham Centre: Toowoomba Base Hosp Location: Project: Purpose:

Funds: Contact:

TOOWOOMBA, QLD Community Health Access to Information Network . To increase access to vocational and educational training, through a

database information network, to community health service providers in SW Qld. $19,400 Mr David Fuss, 076316310

Dartmoor and District Bush Nursing Cen Location: DARTMOOR, VIC Project: Rural Health, Education and Awareness Purpose: To promote general community awareness about health services and to

improve health care skills i.e. first aid courses, preventative health care programs etc.

To develop a local network to provide on-going support for the community. Funds: $9,796

Contact: Mr Neil Howard, 055281381

Deaf Society of NSW Location: PETERSHAM, NSW Project: Community Worker for the Deaf Community - North Coast Region

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Purpose: To provide a range of social/welfare services and designed to increase access to information for the deaf community on the North Coast of NSW. .

Funds: $19,461

Contact: Ms Anne MacRae, 02 560 6433

Geraldton Regional College of TAFE Location: GERALDTON, WA Project: Rural Business of Management Skills Enhancement Program

Purpose: To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of people engaged in management and administrative aspects of rural business and enterprises.

To provide basic vocational training which may lead to the employment of participants in clerical and secretarial positions. Funds: $16,525

Contact: Mr Pat Ward, 099214122

Greater Taree City Council Location: TAREE, NSW Project: Surviving the Rural Recession Seminar and Network Development

Purpose: To conduct an information day/seminar which covers a range of issues relative to rural life with the emphasis on increasing access to resources.

To develop support networks for on-going benefit to the rural community. Funds: $3,025

Contact: Mrs Mave Garlick, 065 913399

Hampden Action Group Location: CAMPERDOWN, VIC Project: Hampden Happenings .

Purpose: To establish self-help groups for rural women, and eventually family support groups, providing information about services and/or strategies to deal with the current rural crisis.

Funds: $20,050

Contact: Ms Davina Stewart, 055931777

Highlands Community Centres Inc Location: BOWRAL, NSW Project: Community Education Program Purpose: To raise community awareness, through educational programs, about

child abuse and domestic violence.

To establish an outreach program targeting the Wingecarribee Shire. Funds: $8,969

Contact: Mrs Gaynor Mclnnes, 048621122

Hopetoun Secondary College Location: HOPETOUN, VIC Project: L0TELINK Purpose: To facilitate an integrated Second Language program to rural

communities, in the Hopetoun district of Victoria, via an existing telematic system. .

Funds: $9,476

Contact: Mr P Ralph, 050 833203

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Katherine School of the Air Council Location: KATHERINE, NT Project: Katherine School of the Air Supervisors Conference

Purpose: To conduct a conference aimed at increasing the access of women, involved in School of the Air teaching, to education and training opportunities by making available information on m o d e m teaching strategies.

Funds: $10,000

Contact: Ms Sandi Sadowski, 089 721833

Lismore Independently-Living Youth Serv Location: LISMORE, NSW '

Project: Youth Education Project Purpose: A public education project to inform young people of organisations and services offering support in dealing with violence.

Funds: $5,000

Contact: Ms Kathryn Greenwood, 066 214448

Ms Susan Logie .

Location: NATHALIA, VIC Project: Nathalie Women’s Health and Support Group Purpose: To improve the health and well being of isolated and disadvantaged women by establishing a support network.

To publish a monthly newsletter and to conduct monthly educational sessions.on women’s health issues. Funds: $4,870

Contact: Ms Susan Logie, 058 662205

Maitland Resource Centre/Mobile Van Location: MAITLAND, SA Special Needs Library .

To establish a mobile special needs library, covering the whole of the Yorke Peninsula of SA, enabling children with disabilities to access suitable equipment and toys. $5,000 Ms Marion Wearing, 008322266

Project: Purpose:

Funds: Contact:

Mallee Family Care .

Location: MILDURA, VIC Project: INFORM Purpose: To publish a newsletter informing the community about a wide range of social, welfare, employment and educational issues.

To present forums providing an opportunity for the community, service providers and Local and Federal Government representatives to meet and increase access to information and resouces. Funds: $7,597

Contact: Ms Cheryl Hardy, 050 235966

Mallee Trading Post Location: EUDUNDA, SA Project: Mallee Trading Post

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' ' · . - . · Γ Λ · ? !

To provide.ah informtion and resource centre to the community and district of Bower, SA. .

To distribute a community newsletter presenting educational, health, social and other information. Funds: . $12,925 Contact: Ms Sylvia Admiraal, 085231080

Muneindi Location: Project: Purpose:

Funds: Contact:·

and District Progress Assoc MUNGINDI, NSW Mungundi Commimity Newsletter To provide a fortnightly newsletter to Mungindi and district

disseminating information about education, social and health services. $9,991 .

Mr RH Grey, 067532113 .

Ngappamilarnu Aboriginal Corporation Location: Project: Purpose:

Funds: Contact:

NGAPPAMILARNU, NT Operation Women Drivers To provide driving instruction to women on a remote Aboriginal community enabling them to obtain increased access to educational, health and informational opportunities.

$2,480 Ms Virginia Newell, 089 622343

North & North West Group Scheme Location: GUNNEDAH, NSW Project: Field Officer/Group Apprenticeship Scheme/Inverell Purpose: To raise the understanding of the group scheme concept and greatly

increase community knowledge of the apprenticeship system and. the entitlements available to both employer and employee.

To increase youth employment prospects through short course training. Funds: $8,012

Contact: Ms Joanne Thomas, 067424342

Northern District Community Health Ser Location: KERANG, VIC Project: Rural Family Support Workshops Purpose: To provide a series of workshops for non-professionals i.e. community

service officers, teachers and receptionists giving them practical training in counselling individuals and families affected by the rural crisis. Funds: $2,500

Contact: Ms Elaine Carter, 054 522700

Numurkah Community Learning Centre Inc Location: NUMURKAH, VIC Project: Numurkah Community Learning Centre Programs and Newsletters Purpose: To produce and distribute brochures and newletters related to the

Learning Centre.

To increase community awareness of wide range of educational and recreational activities available to the residents of the Numurkah Shire. . .

Funds: $2,000

Contact: Mrs Merren Carr, 058 622249

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V >·


Parents & Friends Association Locations Project: Purpose:

Funds: Contact:

FLINDERS ISLAND, TAS Music Tutorials on Flinders Island To bring accredited music tutors to Flinders Island and conduct three workshops for school-age and adult music students extending the range of cultural events available to the Islanders.

$6,000 Mrs Robyn Dilger, 003 596517

Port Fairv Community Group Location: PORT FAIRY, VIC Project: Women’s Community Horticulture Project

Purpose: To train a diverse group of women in horticultural techniques.

Funds: Contact:

To foster women’s development and encourage their participation in educational activities. $5,000 Ms Carol Titheridege, 055 658726

Richmond-Tweed Council for Social Devel Location: LISMORE, NSW Project: First Aid Training for Aboriginal Women Purpose: To conduct a series of first aid courses for Aboriginal women in

eleven isolated communities on the North Coast of NSW.

Funds: $22,620

Contact: Ms Margrette Young, 066212291

School of Distance Education: Mt Isa Location: MT ISA, QLD Project: Electronic Learning Project Purpose: To develop computer literacy opportunities for remote area students in

the Mt Isa region of Qld.

To train home tutors in computer technology and improve their confidence and ability to teach computer studies. Funds: $8,862

Contact: Ms Beryl Sutcliffe, 077430255

SCI-Plan .

Location: WEST END, QLD Project: Pilot Study to Assess Service Provision to Disabled Persons Purpose: To conduct a pilot study examining the provision of services to disabled people and their carers, in the Rockhampton region of Qld,

and to assess the training needs of health professionals.

To develop a generic model for service provision and in-service training. Funds: $19,600 .

Contact: Dr David Charles-Edwards, 07 8463911

Shoalhaven Support Group Location: NOWRA, NSW Project: Computer Training Project

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^ ^

Purpose: To train psychiatrically disabled people in the basic work skill's required to operate a computer system and enhance their educational opportunities.

Funds: $8,619

Contact: Mr Bob Stevenson, 044217247

South Australian Rural Youth Location: Project: Purpose:

Funds: Contact:

MANOORA, SA 1992 National Convention of Rural Youth To conduct a national convention, for rural youth, encouraging participants to share ideas and to contribute to their community through the establishment of practical projects.

$16,081 Mrs Helen Thomas, 088484241

Sunravsia Location: Project: Purpose:

Funds: Contact:

College of TAFE MILDURA, VIC Financial Management & Computer Skills for Farmers To conduct a self-paced training program designed to give farmers

skills and an understanding of financial management and familiarise them with computer technology. $18,650 '

Ms Heather Crawley, 050223666

Survivors of Child Sexual Assault Location: ALBURY, NSW Project: Therapeutic Workshop: Women Survivors of Child Sexual Assault Purpose: To raise community awareness while addressing the needs of rural women

who are survivors of child sexual assault through the establishment of a survivors support group and running of a therapeutic workshop. Funds: $4,328

Contact: Ms Shelley McAuliffe, 060 411977

The Deddick Location: Project: Purpose:

Funds: Contact:

Valiev Isolated Women's Gp VIA B0NANG, VIC .

Accessing Education via Telematrix To improve access of an isolated rural community to educational courses through computer technology. $2,700 Ms Annette Stuckey, 064580270

The Rolleston Newsletter Assoc Location: ROLLESTON, QLD Project: The Rolleston Newsletter Purpose: To significantly extend a community newsletter which curently provides

information on educational, social, political and recreational activities in the Rolleston district. Funds: $5,730

Contact: Ms Margaret Hickson, 079844518

The Women’s Centre Alburv/Wodonea Location: ALBURY, NSW Project: Women’s Information Service

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v W ■ v

v r ’ » ' ' ■

To provide a comprehensive information system focusing on issues such as employment, immigration, health, family law, education and training based in the Women’s Centre. .

Information will be provided in relevant ethnic languages. $15,928 Ms Liz Rivers, 060 411977

The Women’s Health Centre Inc Location: SPRING HILL, QLD Project: Extending Preventative Health Care to Women in Isolated Areas

Purpose: To conduct health programs, through a pilot model of participatory education, aimed at women in isolated areas of Queensland.

To facilitate self-help groups and through training-the-trainer courses which ensure skills remain in the communities.


Funds: Contact:

Funds: $19,990

Contact: Ms Mandy Cox, 078399962

Town of Narroein Location: NARROGIN, WA Project: Narrogin Learning Network Centre ,

Purpose: To increase access and equity in post-compulsory education, through a pilot project, in the Narrogin district of WA.

To encourage participation in external study and to foster self-help groups amongst students. Funds: $18,447 .

Contact: Mr Patrick Walker, 098 811944

United Farmers & Stockowners of SA Location: ADELAIDE, SA Project: Promoting the role of women through the rural media .

Purpose: To promote the role of rural women, and the issues affecting them, through the rural media.

To inform women of the services and training available and to increase community awareness of the role of women in rural Australia. Funds: $11,300

Contact: . Ms Lorraine Hitch, 08 2314683

Wagga Wagga Base Hospital Location: WAGGA WAGGA, NSW Project: Parenting Education Correspondence Program for Rural Women Purpose: To develop a pilot correspondence program for women in isolated SW NSW

focusing on childbirth and early parenting education.

To make available information, in the form of manuals, videos and audiotapes, encouraging active participation and informed decision making about chilbirth and parenting issues. Funds: $9,148

Contact: Ms Jane Dounton, 069 234811

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Walcha Technology Centre Location: Proj ect: Purpose:

Funds: Contact:

WALCHA, NSW Establishment of the Walcha Telecottage To establish a telecentre at Walcha, NSW, providing a wide range of services, via telecommunications technology, and improving community access to information, educational and employment programs.

$22,470 Mr Chris Weber, 067778122

Wimmera and Grampians Group Training Co Location: HORSHAM, VIC Project: Promotional Caravan for Apprenticeships and Traineeships Purpose: To provide a mobile unit, for use at shows, field days and displays in

rural towns and secondary schools, to increase information about trade . and traineeship training.

Funds: $9,000

Contact: Mr John Ackland, 053825322

Winton State School Location: WINTON, QLD Project: Winton Adult Education Poject Purpose: Project provides post compulsory educational opportunities for adults

and senior students in a remote region of Queeensland.

Project significantly extends the range of courses currently available and takes into account specific industry needs i.e. hospitality and computer maintenance courses. Funds: $16,761

Contact: Ms Neville Argent, 076571196

Wycheproof Community Resource Centre Location: WYCHEPROOF, VIC Project: Rural Crisis Support Expansion Program Purpose: To publish a community newsletter increasing access to education,

health and social service information and publicising the services available through the Wycheproof Resource Centre.

Funds: $8,306

Contact: Mr John Robertson, 054 937600

Yeoval Progress Association Location: YEOVAL, NSW Project: Yeoval Satellite Newspaper Purpose: To produce a community newsletter improving access to a wide range of

information and services.

To encourage more active participation in community events through the newsletter. Funds: $4,950

Contact: Mr Ron Phillips, 068464004

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