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Coalition pledges ongoing support on games

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John Howard Leader of t h e Ο ρ p o s i t i ο n COALITION PLEDGES ONGOING SUPPORT ON GAMES

Today I pledge the Coalition's bipartisan support for existing government commitments towards the 2000 Olympic Games, I also announce my intention to establish, during our first term in government, a special program called “2000 PLUS” which will develop proposals for ensuring that the benefits from the Sydney Olympics continue on well beyond the Olympic closing ceremony.

2000 PLUS, supported by a high-level working party, will help to ensure that the significant benefits of hosting the Games in NSW will flow through to other States and Territories. The working party will examine the most effective ways of ensuring that the training and coaching skills, the use o f out world class Olympic facilities, as well as the expertise we develop in areas such as sports marketing and tourism, can be further developed to the benefit o f as many Australians as possible.

The location and composition of the 2000 PLUS Working Parly will be determined in consultation with the Australian Sports Commission, the Australian Olympic Committee, and national sporting federations. Olympic and non-Olympic sports will also be represented on the working party.

The 2000 Olympics in Sydney will be a landmark event in Australia’s history.

It will be the largest international spotting event ever to be held in this country, attracting the attention of citizens around the world. Showcasing Australia through the Olympics ■will also provide a significant boost to our athletes and to our economy.

Current and future athletes will benefit from the construction of new sporting facilities, business will benefit from increased tourism flowing from the Olympics and young Australians will have more career and sporting opportunities open to them. · i '

The success o f staging such an event depends on many things including the coordination, effort and expert planning over many years - both in terms of sporting participants and administrative personnel. Above all however, success relies on funding certainty arid for this reason it is vital that current funding levels are maintained.

3 February 1996 For further information phone; Anthony Benscher (015) 729 959


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