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CPSU wrong on public service plans

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JO H N MOORE Shadow M inister for Industry, Commerce and P ublic Administration


Today’s claims by the CPSU about the Coalition’s plans for the public service are pure fantasy and simply part o f Labor’s scare campaign.

This outburst confirms the fact that the CPSU is not concerned about the real issues in this election.

There are no plans to slash public service jobs or attack public service working conditions. The CPSU is wasting the time and money o f its members if they have nothing better to do than peddle this sort o f nonsense.

It is ironic that the Coalition should be accused o f gutting the public service when it is the Keating Government which is cutting jobs in this area.

After the 1995/96 Budget, Mr. Johns, the Public Service Minister, admitted “large numbers” o f public service jobs would disappear as a result o f those initiatives.

Mr. Johns said:

“I think the unions are going to have so much o f their plate, mainly because there are going to be large numbers o f people leaving the APS as a result o f last night’s Budget, that they’re going to have to focus their minds on that.” (Canberra Times 10.5.95)

CPSU members are entitled to ask their union bosses what actions they took in the wake o f these Budget announcements.

That the union has now come out with this latest outburst indicates just how sensitive they have become to the fact that they have been “stitched up” by their mates. .

There is no coalition plan to indulge in the wholesale sacking o f public servants. Rather than telling lies about Coalition policies, the CPSU would be better occupied demanding an explanation from Mr. Keating and Mr. Johns about their public service staff cuts.

13 February 1996

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