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Review of the review of the ARC Review

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Media Release 10 December 1996


It looks suspiciously like Mr Ruddock doesn't like the recommendations of his own much trumpeted Review into Immigration Decision Making. He is hoping the Review will go away and no-one will notice.

What is in the Report that the Minister so wants to bury?

He has for a long time been a critic of the process of decision making and review in this area. In late May he set up a committee of his own choosing and drew up the terms of reference to review the Immigration Review Tribunal (IRT) and the Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT).

His own media release (31.05.96) claimed the Review would be completed by early August. He has in fact had the Report for some months.

But all copies have mysteriously been collected up and given extraordinary security. It seems he is not happy with the answers, so nobody is going to see the Report.

How many more reviews will we have before Mr Ruddock gets the answers he wants? He had the ARC (Administrative Review Council) Report (Better Decisions) in his hands before he set up his own Review.

The Government still hasn't indicated its position on the ARC Report. Will he now set up a review of the Review of the ARC Review?

This review was conducted at the expense of the taxpayer. The public is entitled to have the Report released. It should be tabled in the Parliament. I understand some interested parties are seeking its release under Freedom of Information legislation.

How much has this farce cost the public?

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