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Wholesale sales tax on motor vehicles

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Senator Short 19 June 1996 Page 1

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Senator SHORT (Victoria - Assistant Treasurer) - by leave

- Yesterday in question time Senator Faulkner asked me a

question concerning the requirements under section 130B of the

Sales Tax Assessment Act 1992 for the Commissioner of Taxation

to publish notices in newspapers within seven days of the

announcement of sales tax changes. Immediately on the conclu­

sion of question time, I provided the Senate with some addi­

tional advice that my office had received in the interim from

a senior officer of the Australian Taxation Office. That

advice and what I had provided to the Senate was subsequently

discussed within the tax office with the Commissioner for

Taxation, Mr Carmody. Mr Carmody took a different view from

the officer whose advice I had conveyed to the Senate.

In light of the circumstances, the commissioner issued a

press release late yesterday afternoon clarifying his posi­

tion. This morning I received a letter from the commissioner

apologising for the incorrect advice provided to me by senior

officers within the ATO which, by my proffering it to the

Senate in good faith, caused me to inadvertently mislead the

Senate. I table the commissioner's press release of yesterday.

I also table a copy of the letter I received from Mr Carmody

this morning.

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